The Supper Trail

Completed in 2019, this is a limited edition of 10. Numbers 1-3 are already sold, only a few more are available in this edition.  Number 4 is finished in the Palomino patina, Numbers 5 and 6 will be Bay & Black.  If you wish to order a different patina (they are available in one of the four patina shown in the photos above), please contact Shayne for details at 208-877-7714. Click on the link below to purchase. $2750 including shipping.  

making the supper trail

It began with wood and wire!


Shayne built the armature and body of the horse on top of a a clay horseshoe.  The draft horse shoe in the sculpture is an exact copy of the size of Jim and Bolly's shoes,  kept in the family all these years.

Now add clay...


Bit by bit, in the evenings and on weekends when he wasn't working as a forester or playing in the band, the sculpture began to take shape.

Lots of models...


Our good friends Chuck and Terri Maple let Shayne spend a day photographing Dan and taking measurements.  Their neighbor  Jenni Bogar rode Dan for model photos.

Many hours in the studio....


Getting close here.  Shayne posed for a elementary school project where a cutout of a girl travels around to see the sights.  Here's Ainsley with Shayne. 

A trip to Parks Bronze Foundry....


The foundry process is quite complicated.  A mold was made, then pieces cast.  It took about 4 months to get to this stage. They are here in bronze, ready for the patinas. 

The patina and then done!


From the photos above, you can see that Bart at Parks Bronze in Enterprise, Oregon completed four different patinas for The Supper Trail.  

Once completed, Shayne mounted them on the bases and prepared them for sale/delivery.