Snake River Ambush

Completed in 2010, this is a limited edition of 10. Number 1 is sold. Numbers 2-3 are available currently. Please contact Shayne for details at 208-877-7714. Click on the link below to purchase.   $1750+ shipping. 

Fun Facts

Columnar Basalt


Travel just about anywhere in the Pacific Northwest and somewhere you'll run across these unusual geologic features. Shayne was inspired to include them after seeing bighorn sheep climbing nimbly around the cliffs in Hell's Canyon. 

Hidden details


Just to keep you on your toes, there are two smaller species hidden among the rocks.  You'll have to look close!

Anatomy lesson


The Artist Proof of Snake River Ambush did not include as much fur as the edition pieces.  Shayne spent painstaking hours with anatomy and musculature diagrams to get the proportions and muscles correct.

Wax vs. Clay


Snake River Ambush was sculpted in wax.  During the hot summer months, the sculpture was stored in a cool room to maintain the integrity of the work until it was complete. 

Long Break


Shayne started sculpting in high school in the 1980's.  Music, marriage, family and career crowded out art until about 2008.  Snake River Ambush is the first piece he completed after a 25 year break from sculpting.