Hare Late For Dinner

Shayne had a faithful border collie for 13 years.  Polly LOVED to watch TV and her favorite was an old Marty Stauffer VHS called "Great Escapes".  She would lunge at the TV when she saw the Lynx chasing  the snowshoe hare. When Polly died in 2018,  Shayne started this bronze. Maybe someday he'll do one of Polly but this one  makes us smile at the memory.

 It is at the Parks Bronze foundry right now, should be ready for delivery in June 2020.  The patina will be a white/gray color with a white and walnut base. Limited edition of 75.  Number 1 is already sold.   Pre-order yours right now:

 $450 plus shipping.

Fun Facts

Snowshoe Hare


The Snowshoe Hare belongs to a small group of animals that turn white in winter. They get their name from their huge hind feet.  

Canadian Lynx


There are four species of Lynx--and the Bobcat is one of them!